Cat custom portrait, Main Coon personalized collectible teddy toy

by Katerina Makogon
Size: 27½″, not one of a kind
Category: Cats and felines

Cat custom portrait, Main Coon personalized collectible teddy toy

This is a custom cat portrait of Main Coon breed. I will create a unique personalized animal by the photo. This collectible art doll will be a great cat lover gift. A stuffed plush animal is also a good pet loss, memorial gift if suddenly such a tragedy happened. But we hope that this teddy kitten will please you on another occasion, because the cute animal looks very unusual in everyday life, and thus you can express love for your pet.
The realistic cat toy will be a perfect kids room or bedroom decor. Show your friendship and love to your pet - after all the pet will always love you and never betrays.

I want our pets to be with us always, but their lives are short and we want to prolong the warm memories of them. Artist Katya Makogon will help you hug your pet again. Please feel free to ask questions.

The portrait of a cat is made of professional fabrics: German materials, faux fur.
Inside the puppet skeleton, which gives flexibility to his body and legs. Wire in the ears.
Glass eyes handmade.
Pads made from baked plastic.
Filling sintepukh.
Size from head to paws 70 cm/28Inch

The possibility of personalization (individual portrait of a cat, a portrait of a pet, the memory of a cat, the loss of a cat, pet urns).

Pattern and design are developed for each pet individually by me personally.

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This collectible toy is not intended for children under 6 years old. Careful an attitude. Dry clean only.
You can buy luxury gift wrapping for this item here:

It will take 60 days to craft the item if it was paid for in advance.
You can order a portrait of your pet with a 50% advance. We ask you to send is detailed pictures of your pet (the head from the front and sides, photos of the torso and tail. If your pet has spots please send us photos of both sides of the body. If you do not have detailed photos available please send me a text description or reference pictures from the internet).
When you order a personalized you, you agree to the fact that it is going to be stylized by me.
After your order is completed i will send photos of the completed item. You can ask me to remake and change details that you want up to 3 times.

If you do not like and don't want the completed item I will put it up for sale in my shop and will return the advance that you had paid when it will be sold, but with a 25% reduction (due to the time I've spent working on the item). Thank you for understanding!

I want to mention that since 2010 when I started working, there has been only a few cases of cancelled orders. So if you like the examples from my shop iI would be happy to make a portrait of your lovely pet for you and extend their memory!
If the second half of the payment isn't received for over 7 days after the completed item is shown (the client doesn't respond) I will not return the paid advance and have the right to put the item up for sale. Please contact me only through Etsy messaging. The advance payment is 50% of the full price. The price for not change in case of partial payments.

You can Do it yourself by my videocourse

Pattern Cat

(Ukraine United States)
Price: USD 890.00
Contact Katerina if you want a teddy like this one.

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